Visual Art

                      Still from the photofilm Rememberance in White realised during the artist-in-residency Kodekü in Weißwasser in august 2023.

I work as a director in experimental improvisations. In an improvisation workshop with Andreas Dresen, I made the film Bowling is fun, a preliminary work for my diploma film little miss perfect, a cooperation with RBB-Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg Berlin. Little miss perfect was broadcast on RBB, MDR and WDR and shown at several film festivals around the world and won several awards. As a director I position myself in the field of dogma film, in or Mike Leigh, i.e. developing a storytelling out of improvisation. Since graduating in directing, I have been involved in several commissioned works, such as the documentary Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern (Girl with the Matches) about the theatre rehearsals of a German class of the Wuxi primary school in China for the Goethe Institute Shanghai or the short film Der Vertrag (The Contract), a commissioned work for the German Embassy in Tokyo for the 150th anniversary of the German-Japanese Friendship Year or a documentary of Felix Ruckert's rehearsals with the Star Dancers Ballet accompanied musically by Dictaphone under the cooperation of the Goethe Institute Tokyo. In my photographic works, an interface to film is found in the improvisation of actors in narrative sequences. At the same time, the projection of photographs in public space therefore plays a major role. I am currently developing scripts for the short film one day and the feature-length film Tagtraum und Nachtfalter. With the photo film  Rememberance in White (10 min, Weißwasser, 2023) I move at the interface of film and photography in essayistic documentary film.


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