Happy to begin to lecture at the Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung/Cultural Education with a first course next year, https://www.bundesakademie.de/akademie/dozent-innen/details/dozent/nica-junker/
Happy to be a part of the KOLLISION DER KÜNSTE N°4 Artist in residency 2023 with mit Irene Anton, Annalisa Derossi, Robin Gommel, Thomas Hora, Stephanie LeBolt, Fabian Widukind Penzkofer, Sophie Netzer, Anne Reiter, Gloria Sogl, Belinda Winkler, Tomma Köhler und Felix Lies. https://www.kodekü.de
I am very happy to be to the group exhibition KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED VIII at the AFF gallery, Berlin during the gallery weekend 29.04.2023 by the 30.04.2023. Please check out the information to the exhibition and opening: https://www.aff-galerie.de
Happy to teach this summer term again at the University of the Arts Berlin in within the Studium Generale Summer term Programm: https://www.udk-berlin.de/studium/studium-generale/kurse-courses/default-989858e7d7/neue-modelle-leben-das-nichtsichtbare-fotografisch-sichtbar-gestalten/
Very happy to teach again at the Lette Akademie this Summer Term: https://lette-akademie.de/kurse/sehen-in-der-fotografie/
the photo of the project elapse that was part of the in the tifa- Tokyo International Foto Award official selection has been now selected to the bronze award TIFA 2022: Bronze in Fine Art/Abstract. Check it out: winner's side https://www.tokyofotoawards.jp/winners/social/2022/23-34905-22/?fbclid=IwAR2RFSWLIZWOVu6Vcf7llCnXxNBGXINbar-lolqm_hSdffnSooK--JAdwqg
Happy to have been selected for the official selection of the tifa -Tokyo international Foto award with my photo to the project elapse. Check it out on: https://www.facebook.com/tokyofotoawards and https://www.instagram.com/tokyofotoawards/.
I am on insta now as well just follow me on https://www.instagram.com/lightinspacephotographie/ see you there for some updates of my exhibitions and some teaching.
Happy to have been accepted for the mentoring for professorship programme of the HS Koblenz https://www.hs-koblenz.de/hochschule/diversity-beratung/gleichstellung/mentoring-programme/m4p-mentoring-for-professorship which just started and will last for one year.
Exhibition of my project city walk at the at the festival lAbiRynT, that took place in Frankfurt (Oder) and Slubice. Many thanks to the space KUKURYKU! in Frankfurt (Oder) to host my work. Check out the catalogue: http://www.labirynt.slubice.eu/labirynt2022/katalog/ Check out my artist talk to the project/introduction to the project during the artist talk tour:

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