A photographic exploration of the Samaritaine department stores' construction site in Paris: Pour les grands magasins de la Samaritaine, Mai 2013

When I visited the Samaritaine construction site, what surprised me most were the different layers in the floor (glass floor, wooden floorboards above, concrete, then carpet) that had formed over time. Like trees and like people, buildings age. They are new and then the times leave their mark on them as they do on us. From the 10th to the 1st floor: a photo from each floor of Samaritaine, which are snapshots that try to show the "life rings" of the building. The detail shots of the walls and floors of the building were combined in the image with the advertising slogans of the last hundred years, since Samaritaine was founded. Between the advertising slogans and the detailed photographs of the building, different narratives are to emerge in the interpretive space of the viewer. Invited by the curator Christian Caujolle and the department stores'.


samaritaine, 2013

Finalist in the  samaritaine competition. (3rd place: head of the Jury: Sarah Moon)  ). 

Exhibition In the building of the Samaritaine department stores', temporary gallery on the Rue de Rivoli in Paris in November 2013.

Poster print on the outside of the building and 15 prints inside.

The photographs were included in the collection of  Samaritaine.