inside outside seaside ((T)räume: Garten Innen Stadt und Meer)

I am interested in finding places that I associate with light in reality and asking the question of how we use light in places in nature, indoors and the city. I would translate it in English spaces - outside inside seaside. - In my German title  it is a word play with the words dreams and spaces- as I believe that dreams can create a  certain space as well. Th spaces are meant to be spaces I associate with light in reality or maybe as well in a space that you can fill with interpretation to what light could be used there. In the project I want to explore how we use light inside and outside in different places and landscapes in the city and in the countryside. From this, I would like to encourage reflection on a more sustainable use of light.


inside outside seaside, 2022 

Project realized during an artist in residency in Riga at the ISSP Gallery residency in September 2022. 

The project will be continued at other locations. (ongoing)