the beauty of the lingering death

The beauty of the lingering death is about changing perspectives. I am used to looking at the water with the play of light on its waves. Now I wanted to record this play of the sun with the wind on the waves under the water. Turn the usual perspective "on the water" into "under the water" and show the play of light waves from another unusual perspective. At the same time, the light changes at every moment, and so every shot is a document of a past moment that seems impossible to recreate.


The beauty of the lingering death, 2016–2018

Created for the Ph.D. artistic research project at the Linz University of Art. Ph.D. at 2019.

Project was exhibited as a foot-film, al. at Nuit de la Roquette, brume berlinoise 4x1, Arles, France.

Screening with Paris Berlin Foto Group for the Rencontres Arles at the Paris Berlin Foto Group photo house, brume berlinoise 4x1, Arles.

Fotostills aus Foto-Film, music by Kristin Haralsdottir, Iceland. Film lengths, 20 min.