remembrance in white

  remembrance in white, 2023. photo-sequence, realised during the artist-in-residency Kodekü at the city of Weißwasser. 

    remembrance in white, 2023. Stills from the photofilm, realised during the artist-in-residency Kodekü at the city of Weißwasser. 10 min.

What happens to memories when the places of memory have disappeared? And how does the dissapearance of a place of  the childhood influnces the construction of  the self? During the Kodekü- Kollision der Künste: Kunst Residenz Weißwasser in August 2023 In Weisswasser-Süd I got to know the memories of people, memories that remain, while the places where they were created have long since disappeared. If you want to go back, you find green meadows and fields in these places that are no longer there. Nature now lives where there used to be a school, a club, where people lived. Photography is a documentation of a memory of a moment that has already passed. What remains is the image, an image that, depending on the situation in which it is viewed, can enable a new narration of memory. Like an overexposure from image to image, the memory fades to a silhouette in the white, open to a new interpretation of the vanished places.


Many thanks to the Kodekü - Kollisionen  der Kunst team.

to the city of Weißwasser and everyone who I met and shared  your time  with me.


remembrance in white, 2023

Project realized during an artist in residency in Weißwasser at the  Kodekü-Kollisionen der Künste Residency in August 2023