point of view (Blickwinkel)

Intersections in general fascinate me. If I draw the five different city walks on the city map of Stendal, the bus routes and a walk along the Wallpromenade overlap and there are five intersections within the city centre. In my reflections, these intersections could be combined again and then mixed in order to let the city emerge in a completely new way from a different perspective. In overexposures I tried to reduce the photographic image to lines and shapes in order to adapt this image of the intersection. The city map shows that the city of Stendal is divided into six sub-areas within the rampart. I strolled aimlessly through each sub-area. Striking city motifs were reduced to lines and areas photographically and by overexposure. The method for finding ideas was a dérive through the urban space.


Point of view, 2019

The photographs were included in the collection of the Hanseatic City of Stendal.

The project was exhibited et al. at the lAbyRinthT festival Frankfurt (Oder)/Slubice, 2022.