the beauty of the lingering white

The photographs taken in snowy landscapes and in winter times durning a white out in snowy storms. Furthermore the beauty of the lingering white is meant as a photographic exploration of my personal models of time visualized in the whiteness: This can be a disappearance of an object in the depth of the photograph, an image built into the white of a landscape similar to a collage, or the reduction of the image to a line to represent a more complex thought through minimalist abstraction the core of the idea. In the projection, the montage forms into a photo film in triptychs, of photographs that alternate as a single image as a constellation of two or three. In this sequence, short narrations, thoughts and associations emerge. The music by the Icelandic artist Kristín Þóra Haraldsdóttir supports this immersion in one's own interpretive space.


The beauty of the lingering white, 2014–2018

Created for the Ph.D. artistic research project at the Linz University of Art. Ph.D. at 2019.

Shown as a photo film on several exhibitions, al. at like the group exhibition "Die Rahmung des Hintergrunds", Stadtgalerie Zwergelgartenpavillon Salzburg 2019

Bronze 2017 MIFA Winners. Moscow International Photo Awards.

Fotostills aus Foto-Film, music by Kristin Haralsdottir, Iceland, Film lengths, 10 min.