stardust (sternenstaub)

The term stardust describes atoms from the universe that form the basis of our life. The stars were created together from stardust and thus belong together. You could say that we, too, were remotely created from stardust. I find it a beautiful metaphor. As a society, we belong together and thus also form a kind of stardust, only in our gaze lies a different interpretation to what we perceive as reality, and these isolated different gazes make us. The photographs open up a space for different interpretations. Through the photographs I would like to ask the viewers to enter this space of interpretation and to enter into the indeterminacy of interpretation and to engage with different interpretations that are in themselves of equal value.Stardust was created as a result of an invitation from the Kunstverein during several stays in Murnau for the group exhibition "Neu Gedacht". Aim of stardust was to construct another approach to the sense of the place Munrau by choosing details and forms and structures to  ceeate a new perspective on the city.


Stardust, 2022

Fotostills from the photo film projection  Film length 10 min,  Art Society, Murnau.

Interview with olatv, Bavaria.