The passing of something that I am unable to grasp because it is too fleeting to capture in the moment of the photograph. In the signal box, the trains, the people, the comings and goings pass, it is a flow of movement, but the signal box remains and watches with its windows: Windows that remind me of an 8mm film from the old days. It is the moment when the past, present and future merge and each day is like another, when events melt into a tapestry of atmospheres. The place here is a non-place, a passage, a passage that sets the course, that acts and yet also does not actively participate in the life out there, outside the place. Thus the light, the movement, the colours of life in their various shades pass by the windows. What lies behind the perception of objectivity when the passing by reflects one's own subjective snapshot: Strolling around in one's own universe of experience. Poetic irritations in the supposed certainty of the now and here, right here, right now. What else remains in the passing of time?


elapse, 2022

Produced in during a visual dialogue and for an exhibition with Isabella Berr May 2022: Irritation in supposed certainty.Art Association Huglfing,

Official Selection tifa tokyo international foto awards 2022.

Bronze in Fine Art/Abstract,  tifa tokyo international foto awards 2022.