© Stardust, Copyright: nica junker,  Arts Society, Murnau, 2022.

I am interested in visualising the interrelation between space, time, light in my photographic works. Remembrance in White (2023) was created during the Kodekü art residency in Weißwasser (Upper Lusatia). The essayistic photo film deals with the question of how the memory of a lost place and the identity of that place can be captured photographically. In my project Stardust (2022), I turned the detail shots from Murnau into photographic negatives: in some of the photographs, for example, I turned the golden light in the photo-positive into blue light in the photo-negative in Photoshop in post-processing. Stardust was created as a result of an invitation from the Kunstverein during several stays in Murnau for the group exhibition „Neu Gedacht“.


For Lichtblicke (2022) I was invited to the ISSP Riga Artist in Residence in Latvia. The photo series is about examining light in different spaces and describing the respective spatial moods in photographic light paintings. I converted the resulting light images into colour negatives in order to open up a space for interpretation through the inversion into the photo negative, which can be a ray of light for us. In the project The beauty of the lingering white (2014-2018), I was interested in depicting the interplay of light and space through photographic work in the white out (snow fog). The beauty of the lingering white became a Ph.D. artistic research project at the Kunstuniversität Linz. I worked with the method of light painting in long exposures on The beauty of the lingering time (2015-2018), The beauty of the lingering death (2016-2018) in Stadtgang (2019-2020) during a grant from the Hanseatic City of Stendal and at elapse (2022), an invitation from the Kunstverein Huglfing for a photographic dialogue with the photo artist Isabella Berr. 


In 2013, I was invited by the French curator Christian Caujolle to document the Samaritaine department stores‘ in Paris. Here, lighting moods in the building play a major role in visually illuminating the interaction of light, space and the identity of the building. The photographs in the series were added to the Samaritaine collection.