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My work focuses on the themes of time, space and identity. I am interested in how the perception of space and time can influence our identity. I focus on drawing and painting with light in photography to transform our experience of space, in which light moves and can thus create temporality: Aesthetic experiments with long exposures and multiple exposures, the negative space and the juxtaposition of text and image to generate spaces of interpretation. For me it is about opening up poetry and an intermediate space of interpretation in the juxtaposition of the abstract and the figurative. In artistic photographic work, the juxtaposition thus creates ambivalences that inspire an open reading and reflection on the subject. I see the formats of presenting photography in public space as an invitation to participate in social discourses through photographic art.


My working method: To explore space, I use drifting, a method of the French situationist movement (1959-1972) that inspired me. By "dérive", the situationists meant a drift in space with a conceptual objective. It is a method of psychogeography that aims to study the effect of space on us. By observing the first results, sketches made on the mobile phone from the first impressions, I develop a recipe that I follow at first, then that transforms itself in the course of the artistic practice in the iteration of the instruction of action. In the photographic action, however,   By presenting the results in the form of a photographic projection (a kind of photographic film), for example in trypticha, the juxtaposition of three photographs in the photographic installation creates a comparative way of seeing.