I have been teaching photography and time-based media at art colleges, academies and universities since 2005. Interfaces of art and cultural education interest me from my studies of artistic research at the Art University Linz, which I completed 2019 with a Ph.D.  In artistic research I work artistically on the topic of light in space.  Important to me are topics on future image production processes in the digital transformation and design possibilities of transformation processes, such as the generation of electricity through photovoltaics in projections in public space, and to develop projects on this with the students.  Changing perspectives in context, attitude and position are important to me in my teaching. My work is constructivist, intersubjective, involving and activating. Open and equal exchange are the basis of my teaching. Teaching students to accept and weigh different opinions without losing their own attitude and position is what makes up my understanding of teaching photography in the liberal arts.  It is important to me that students develop an individual visual language with their own stance, become socially and politically involved as artists' personalities and, finally, are also able to contextualise themselves in a future expanded concept of photography.



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