Rays of Light (Lichtblicke)

During the artist in residency in Riga in September, my goal was to investigate light in public urban space at a location in the city and in the countryside around Riga on the coast. My intention was to make the atmosphere, as I perceive it through the light in the space, sensually tangible to the viewer. We are familiar with overexposed cities from satellite images of metropolises at night. If we perceive these images as aesthetically pleasing, we know about the lasting damage that light pollution at night can have on wildlife, for example. In times of climate change, we are looking for more energy-efficient options for lighting at night. In sustainable urban planning, the challenge is to use light in a sustainable way.  At the same time, as an artist of photography who, according to the translation of photography, "paints, or draws with light," so to speak, I asked myself to what extent I could photographically record light in urban space in order to investigate the interaction of light in space ? I was interested in examining light in different spaces and using light images to describe the moods of light. I converted the resulting light images into color negatives, so that by inverting them into the photo negative, I could open up a space for interpretation on the subject of what a ray of light could be for me. Ray of Light" is a translation of the German term "Lichtblicke", which can be translated in a second meaning as "Bright Spots" or "Glimpses of Light". The German term Lichtblicke actually has all these different meanings. Through photographic light drawing diverse atmospheric multicolored color veils were created. By reversing the photography into the color negative, I am interested in examining the questions of light in its inversion and to generate more knowledge about light in the city and in the countryside.


rays of light, 2022 

Project realized during an artist in residency in Riga at the ISSP Gallery residency in September 2022.