I work as an artistic director for participatory photographic actions, such as the interactive installation silent neighbours, which was supported by the Pyramid Award London and QuattroPole, among others, or the participatory action What I would like to show you for the Stendal Light Days, invited by the H. and H. Kaschade Foundation and the city of Stendal. I curated art in public space as photographic poster art and acted as a mediator within the Dyptk Corresponance project, commissioned by the Gallery la chambre in Strasbourg. For me, artistic direction also includes image editing tasks in the selection of the photographs shown. Based on my studies of photography in London at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, I understand photography expanded e.g. also at the interface with cultural photographic education. Situationist methods inspire me in participation and sensitisation, which I enrich through methods of photographic art. In this respect, I understand photography as an art form also in extended areas, such as in public space as poster art or installation, as art on buildings, as performative action or as photographic explorations of urban space through situationist actions. I am interested in questions about the extent to which artists' personalities can also act at the interface of artistic direction and cultural education.


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